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Battery Scrap Buyer

world Green e Waste is a leading Battery scrap buyer and Battery scrap Dealer  in India. We buy all kind of Scrap Batteries, Collect Scrap Batteries & Recycle it.

As like other waste products whether Television, Telephone equipments, Mobile Phones, Air Conditioners, Computers, Laptops, Home Appliances and industrial machines; Battery Scrap is also a potential hazardous scrap. World Green E Waste provides all types of Battery recycling and waste management services. Domestic users, industries or commercial clients can contact us for the quick pick up of the expired batteries and power plants scrap. Being a Battery Scrap Buyer we will highly appreciate your efforts to call us for having the scrap recycling to save Planet Earth.

Why Battery Recycle is Important?

Being a Battery Scrap  Dealer we know  Batteries are a valuable source of recyclable metal. Battery recycling is a safe and eco-friendly solution to prevent discarding of waste into landfills. Different types of batteries contain toxic and heavy metals like cadmium, lead, mercury and more other hazardous elements that are poisonous to the environment. And, dumping such toxic metal scrap into landfill can cause massive environment pollution. The harmful chemicals and toxins leach out of the battery metal scrap which badly contaminates the land surface and ground water too. Moreover, improper dispose of batteries causes huge water and air pollution. The release of toxic chemicals into soil, air and water has been immensely contributing to Global Warming.

Majorly, there are two different types of battery namely Dry Cell Batteries; these are commonly known as single use batteries and can be recycled. And, Re-chargeable batteries, these contain nickel, cadmium, lead, acid, lithium and more metals; that can be reprocessed for reuse.

Battery Scrap Dealer

Lead Acid- This is the most common type of battery used in Cars, Boats, Battery Back-ups, energy storage systems, emergency lighting systems, power sump pumps and more applications. More than 70% of the weight of a lead acid battery is reusable.

Lithium Ion- This is also a very common type of battery used in mobile phones, laptops, electric mobility applications, energy storage applications, power back-ups or UPS and other consumer electronic goods. Lithium battery recycling is a relatively a new process but very effective in the near future to save natural resources.

Absolyte Batteries- This type of battery is usually used in big battery back-up units for large data centers. This is basically used in industrial applications by the large manufacturing plants and commercial factories.

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