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Telephonic Equipment Scraps & Mobile Scraps – An Overview

The robust advancement in technology has vastly empowered Telecommunication Industry specifically. Telephone equipment with smart features has been widely used by various business entities. Business telecom devices like VoIP have latest functions including advanced call management, call routing, auto attendant, call analytics, call forwarding, call notify, business text messaging and more. Commercial organizations whether small or large sizes use such business phones to regulate their business operations. Unlike business telecom devices, one of the latest telecom innovations is Mobile Phones.

Each year, many people uses and discard millions of cell phones to enjoy newer technology and all those discarded phones may be taking a toll on the environment. Mobile Phones are the biggest hazardous e waste all across the world. The smart cell phones and even business phones consist of precious metals and plastics that can be recycled to save energy and resources. Environmental scientists have found toxic phthalates on iPhone cables, batteries and other components.

Why Telephonic Equipment Or Mobile Phones Are Hazardous Waste?

The mobile phone coatings are usually made of lead, which is a toxic chemical. The circuit board on cell phones are made of copper, gold, zinc, lead, beryllium, tantalum, coltan and other raw materials or toxic metals. These toxic metals can cause adverse affects on our environment health when dumped in landfills. Thus, mobile scraps are hazardous to the environment and should not be dumped into the landfills because the harmful chemicals leach out of the metals that contaminate soil, ground water and air as well.

The Global Impact of Mobile Scrap

Mobile Phones are presently a huge problem for various countries all around the world due to bad impact of scraps on the environment. This is why; manufacturers and agencies are now gradually adapting the new programs to curtail the amount of waste that has been rising over the years. However, unlike other international countries In India the smart phone users were estimated to reach more than 760 million in 2021. Consequently, more mobile phone users mean More Scrap!

World Green E Waste on Telephonic Equipment & Mobile Scraps

Being a professional e Waste recycling service and waste management experts, we highly emphasis on recycling the hazardous waste like Mobile Scraps. Our Telephonic Equipment & Mobile Scraps recycling solutions help to reduce the amount of waste which is illegally dumped into landfills. Recycling is the best solution to save resources, energy and environment. Our company uses latest and eco-friendly methods to recycle all types of telecom devices or smart phones. We follow the procedure of collection, separation, melting, purification and solidification to promote reuse of the metals and other materials.

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