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Metal Scrap – An Overview

World Green E Waste has over two decades of experience in metal scrap recycle management. By knowing proper knowledge of all kinds of metals, we have developed an efficient, precise and eco-friendly method to recycle ALL TYPE METAL SCRAPS. Our green technology is saving the environment by reducing the amount of waste to be dumped into landfills. Deplorably, large amount of metal scrap and other types of waste are being disposed into landfills that results to huge environment pollution and adverse affects on climate conditions. Tragic changes in our environemt have been caused due to leach out of toxics in soil, water and air. Therefore, Recycle is the only and safe way to vanish off metal scraps.

Metals can be recycled without altering and degrading their properties. Usually, there are two types of metals Ferrous and Non-Ferrous. The Ferrous metals consist of iron with carbon such as carbon steel, alloy steel, wrought iron and cast iron. Whereas, Non-Ferrous Metals are aluminum, copper, tin, lead, zinc, gold, platinum, silver, iridium, and palladium.

Types of Metal Scrap We Recycle

  • Insulated Copper Wire
  • Sheet Aluminum
  • Copper Tubing
  • Light Iron
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Bare Bright Wire
  • Electric Motors
  • Scrap Cars
  • Plumbing Brass
  • Car Batteries
  • Sealed Units
  • Stainless Steel
  • Computer Wire
  • Aluminum and Copper Radiators, etc.

So, World Green E Waste can recycle all types of metal scraps whether it is your old, broken, expired or damaged Air Conditioner, Washing Machine, Computer or Laptops, Mixer Grinders, Food Processors, Grass Cutters, Plumbing Applications and anything which is made from or consist of metal contents in it.

Why Do We Recycle Metals?

Metals are valuable materials and can be easily yet consecutively recycled without hampering its properties. Along with financial incentives or benefits, there is also an environmental imperative. Recycling of metal scraps help us to preserve natural resources and it also takes less energy to process than manufacturing new products from raw materials. By using eco-friendly yet innovative techniques, we recycle all types of Metal Scrap that helps to emit less carbon dioxide and other harmful gases in the environment. It also helps manufacturing businesses to minimize their production cost.

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