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Wire Scraps

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Wire Scraps – An Overview

Electronic gadgets like computer systems, laptops, food processor, washing machines, mixer and grinders, microwave or oven, refrigerator, air conditioners, room coolers, hair dressing equipments, phone chargers, data cables, speakers, industrial machineries and many other appliances consist of wires. These wires are made from different materials especially, copper and aluminum. The electrical cable and wires are being used for the power transmission and distribution to house and industries. Telecom industry majorly relies on various types of wires or cables for an uninterrupted data transmission. On the whole, there are almost all types of entities and sectors have been using variety of cables or wires for distinct purposes. As a consequence, the more machinery means more wires and means MORE WIRE SCRAPS!

So, what you do with your damaged USB cords, power cords or cables and other equipment’s wires? May be it is nothing but a trash for you! For World Green E Waste, every scrap is valuable! The rubber coated aluminum and copper wire scrap can be recycled for producing various other types of new products. Metals like Copper and Aluminum can easily recycled and ideal for reuse purposes. The more we foster recycle processes, the best we can save environment! Domestic users, commercial services and industries can contact us for ALL TYPE WIRE SCRAP solutions. For any size of trash, you can call us for the collection.

The Types of Wire Scraps We Recycle

  • Communications Cable
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Hard line Coaxial or Heliax Cable
  • Direct Buried Cable or DBC
  • Non-Metallic Sheathed Wire
  • Metal Clad
  • Armored Cable
  • Multi Conductor pr Multicore Wire
  • Paired Cable
  • Portable or Extension Cord
  • Ribbon Cable
  • Aluminum Overhead Power Line
  • Flexible Wires, etc

Therefore, for any type of wire scrap you can rely on World Green E Waste. Our company uses latest methods to recycle wire scrap in an eco friendly way. We use sustainable and bio friendly techniques to faster the recycle process. After the pick-ups, our team of skilled and proficient experts separate metals and other mixed materials from the wire scrap. By separating metals and other mixed materials like plastics, rubber or non metals, we make the recycle process easy. To further proceed with the recycle process, we do processing, purification, melting of the metals and lastly make it ready to use. Moreover, our team of professionals examine every wire and its spare components keenly if any of them has potential to reuse or can work with simple fixing. 

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